The death of a loved one is a sad and emotional experience.  Planning a funeral service can be difficult for family and friends. This process can be made easier when families openly discuss their end-of-life wishes well before a death occurs. 

There are numerous options to consider when making funeral and burial decisions.  Religion and cultural background are two of the important factors to consider.  These can help you reach conclusions if you are considering cremation.

A funeral service is a ceremony rooted in rich tradition, where a religious leader or celebrant presides over the last rites.  These rituals are followed by either cremation or burial.  If cremation is the chosen disposition, the cremated remains are subsequently kept in an urn or scattered in a place of choice.  Some families decide not to have a funeral service but to simply conduct a cremation ceremony.  Whatever is decided, the staff at Kearney Funeral Services can help guide families through the cremation process.

Cremation Options

There are processes and protocols to be followed. but families will have choices to make on how best to honour the their loved one.  Kearney’s encourages families to discuss these issues before a death occurs so that all family members are comfortable with the choices that are made.  If cremation is a new concept for some individuals, they will need to understand what is involved.  All family members should be encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns and to express what they would like to be included in the ceremony. 

Some families consider cremation as a cost-effective method of disposition.  The choice could also be made from an environmental perspective.  Whatever the motivation, it is important to discern how this decision fits with any relevant religious beliefs.  If cremation is chosen in conjunction with a Catholic Funeral Mass, for example, the family will want to consult with their Parish Priest about having the body in the Church for the Mass before cremation takes place.

Final Disposition

If you chose cremation, the disposition of your loved one’s cremated remains is the next decision you will have to make.  This can be a very personal and difficult decision for families.  The cremated remains could be scattered, kept in an urn or interred in a cemetery plot.  Another alternative is to have several keepsake urns for various family members to keep.  In the case of a Catholic person who has died and has been cremated, there are specific guidelines for what should be done with the cremated remains.  We encourage you to speak with your Parish Priest if you have any questions about this. 

Talk to the Professionals at Kearney’s

Once you and your family are confident in your decision to proceed with cremation, we encourage you to contact Kearney’s Funeral Services to discuss the way forward.  At Kearney’s, we strive to exceed all expectations in ensuring that your loved one will be cared for in a professional and respectful manner.  Our Funeral Directors understand the cremation process and can walk you through all of the procedures and protocols, from the time we bring your loved one into our care until you receive their cremated remains.  With four offices in the Lower Mainland, there is a convenient location where you can meet with our staff to discuss your unique needs.