Kearney Funeral Services is proud to be the exclusive seller of BAM Woodworks custom hand-made urns.

Locally manufactured on Salt Spring Island, the gem of the Southern Gulf Islands, these beautiful urns are crafted only from locally sourced domestic hardwoods.

Uniquely designed with an opening for the bottom requiring no screws, this enables for an urn with no metal in its construction, a truly natural product. The urns are made from domestically harvested Black Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple wood, having a natural finish.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut is a dark brown colour with varying tones and nice grain patterns and will age over time to a slightly darker shade, a favorite of cabinet makers.

Black walnut


Cherry is a wood that ages beautifully, it is known for its durability and rich colour which can vary from reddish to dark brown.


Hard Maple

Hard Maple is a very dense hardwood with a nice creamy colour and subtle but distinct grain patterns. As with most woods it will slightly darken over time. A hard and very durable wood.

Hard maple

Each urn is hand-made using a square joint called a ‘box joint’, a very strong and visually appealing joint often used in cabinet making. The bottom arm is a feature unique to these urns, which allows them to be opened easily while also keeping the contents safe and secure.

Box joint

The urns are crafted in 3 different styles, made to to match the West Coast lifestyle.

Style 1

Style #1 has a classic look with a rounded top and a rounded base on the bottom

Style 2

Style #2 has a rounded top with legs on the bottom giving it a unique look

Style 3

Style #3 has a top and bottom with an angled matching edge on both

Made to be timeless, these urns are hand-crafted from beginning to end using only quality local materials, unique to the West Coast.

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