Graveside Service
starting from $3,505.00

The graveside service is for those who wish to say their final goodbyes when burial is the final disposition. A graveside can be combined with music, words and symbols to make this a truly special and memorable farewell. We can help you plan and carry out every detail to make this a very meaningful moment.

Professional Services, including:

Securing a Release of Deceased & Transfer$495.00
Services of Licensed Funeral Director & Staff$1,195.00
Administration, Documentation & Registration$595.00
Sheltering, Facilities and Equipment
Funeral Coach$525.00
Preparation Services$345.00

All services are subject to Consumer Protection BC fee of $40.00 + GST.

Casket selections available on our Products page.

This service fee is designed for families who wish to meet at the cemetery for the burial service.  If a viewing or service is requested prior to the burial, additional charges will apply.

Kearney Funeral Services in BC

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At Kearney Funeral Services, we take pride in the level of service and care that we provide. No matter your need, we can help you at every step.

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