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Green Burial or Natural Burial, is for those who aim to minimize their impact on the environment, who are mindful of the natural cycle of life, and seek a natural alternative to conventional burial or cremation. It is an environmentally-conscious and sensitive practice, where the body is returned to the earth to naturally decompose and contribute to and support new life.

How to be Green?

The qualifications for a green or natural burial should follow these guidelines:

  • Basic sanitation and preparation of the body.
  • The body is wrapped in a natural fibre, biodegradable shroud.
  • If dressing is requested, use biodegradable natural fibre garments (i.e.100% cotton, linen).
  • If using a casket, use sustainable, biodegradable caskets or alternatives that do not use toxic glues or metal attachments.
  • Liners or vaults are not used in the cemetery grounds.
  • The shrouded or casketed body is placed directly into the earth.
  • If embalming is requested, use of eco-friendly chemicals and embalming methods.

Ecological Restoration & Conservation

“Once a green burial has been completed, the surface of every grave is, after allowing some time for grave settling, planted with locally indigenous plant materials, using a combination of groundcover, shrubs and trees. These plantings will normally be done according to a pre-established planting plan designed to optimize the creation, enhancement and integration of the interment area into the greater local eco-system.”

Green Burial Society of Canada 


(approved as Certified Green Burial Providers by the Green Burial Society of Canada)

Hybrid Green Cemetery 

(recognized by the Green Burial Council)

Green Options

Environmentally-friendly Casket and Urn Selection Available

  • Natura


  • Willow


  • Seagrass


  • Bamboo Shroud with Ceremonial Willow Carrier

    Bamboo Shroud with Ceremonial Willow Carrier

  • Bamboo Shroud

    Bamboo Shroud

  • Eco-Pine


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