Serving the Catholic Community since 1908

For generations, Kearney’s has not only served the Catholic Community but has also actively participated in it.

Catholic Funeral Masses

When Thomas came to Vancouver in 1905, he became a dedicated member of the faith community. He was a founding member of Knights of Columbus Council 1081 and an active parishioner in St. Patrick’s Church where he and Kate O’Connor were married. This faith commitment was carried on by their son and daughter, Frank and Ellen, who remained active in the Catholic community through their lifetimes.

Catholic Funeral Masses

Frank was a Canon Lawyer who served on the marriage tribunal and was involved with Serra and the Knights of Columbus. Ellen was active with bereavement support and The Order of the Holy Sepulchre among many other roles in the Catholic community and her parish. Michael Crean, Thomas and Kate’s grandson, has further carried on this legacy, remaining active in the Catholic community through the Knights of Columbus, Providence Health Care, Catholic schools and many other organizations in addition to his own parish commitments. Mike's son, Ryan, is a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 1283.

Catholic Funeral Masses

Kearney Funeral Service

At Kearney’s we see the ministry of caring for the bereaved as part of our values and heritage. We are honoured to support families and the Church in the Celebration of the Catholic Funeral Mass, as a reverent and beautiful part of paying tribute to our loved ones and praying for their eternal spirit. With reverence for the spiritual importance of the Funeral Mass, we ensure that everything is carried out with the utmost respect and diligence, down to the finest details which those less experienced might miss. Since the majority of the Funerals we help plan take place in the Catholic Church, we are experts in the appropriate way in which to assist and support the priest in carrying out the Catholic funeral liturgy and rituals.

Catholic Funeral Masses

Can Catholics Be Cremated?

Since Vatican II it has been acceptable within Canon Law for Catholics to be cremated. Although burial has been the traditional form of disposition for most Catholics, in communion with Christ’s own burial, cremation has become more popular and is increasingly preferred by many Catholics. Although cremation is now acceptable, it is important to understand there are strict guidelines for how cremated remains should be handled following cremation. Separation or scattering of cremated remains is strictly forbidden, with a requirement for interment in a permanent resting place such as a Columbarium or in-ground Burial.

Catholic Funeral Masses

Does a loved one’s body need to be present at church for Mass?

For a Funeral Mass the body of your loved one will be required to be present. The body is the temple of the spirit, so the importance of honouring the body upon death is a very important aspect of the Funeral Mass. In some cases, where it is not possible to have the body present, this requirement can be waived with expressed permission from the Archbishop's office. However, in most situations your loved one’s body would need to be present for the Mass to be shown reverence and respect.

"The service could not have been better! It was such a comfort knowing that Anne was from our parish so understood what we needed to have a Catholic Funeral."

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