The Kearney difference

We know there are many options when choosing a cremation provider. At Kearney’s we take the time to understand your individual needs and provide information so you can make the best decisions for your family. We are committed to helping you with caring, compassionate and professional service. Our services do not end there. Our directors are committed to providing support following the services, so when you need further advice or support, we are here to help.

cremation process

Cremation Process

It is important for you to understand processes and protocol surrounding your loved one’s cremation. We exceed all standards to ensure your loved one will always be cared for in a manner that will alleviate any concern over identification and respectful treatment of their remains. Our directors understand the cremation process, so they are able to walk you through all of the procedures and protocols from the time your loved one comes into our care, to the time you receive their cremated remains. At Kearney’s we are committed to ensuring your peace of mind, through every step.

What to do with cremated remains

What To Do With Cremated Remains

Disposition of cremated remains is a very important decision. This is a very personal and often permanent decision which requires experience which we can provide. Options can range from burial, to keeping your loved one’s cremated remains in your home or holding onto them for scattering. For some this decision is made within religious guidelines, while others decide on disposition based on the wishes of the deceased. It is important to understand the finality of this decision and to ensure that all family members are considered, as often families regret not choosing a final place of remembrance for their loved one. Rest assured we can provide the information you will need, to make the right decision for you and your family.

Why is Kearney more expensive?

Why Is Kearney More Expensive

There are many cost factors when it comes to cremation services. Some companies are only brokers who use various other service providers to look after your loved one, on their behalf. This can result in delays, miscommunication and confusion as to the location or timing of services and the cremation itself. Our policies and procedures remove, to the greatest degree possible, third-party providers or cross-border transfers ensuring your loved one remains in our care and your wishes are carried out in accordance with your instructions.

We also believe that, given the importance of your loved one, this is not a service which should be provided via internet transactions, as is the norm with low-cost providers. This is why Kearney’s is priced a little higher than some of the low-cost providers - we provide unparalleled value. Our directors are knowledgeable, well trained and willing to take the time needed to ensure you fully understand all of your options.

Our services don’t end there. Should you require any further help in the future, we are happy to assist in any way needed. We want to ensure you feel supported and comfortable handling the many decisions following your cremation services, without additional and unexpected expenses. We are here to help.

"I don't think the service could be any better than what I got both times I dealt with Kearney's. They are excellent people to deal with."

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