“Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.”

—Hebrew Proverb

One of John’s favourite pastimes, other then golf, was gathering with loved ones over a drink at one of his many favourite pubs. There he would laugh, and tell stories about his latest adventure, or project. If there is one thing John was known for, it was talking up a storm. He would make sure by the end of the visit you were fully apprised of the latest strata council voting measures; but more then anything, he would ensure you laughed, and had a great time with him. It was always a treat to be in his presence, because he always knew how to have fun.

At 65 John retired, which was always the dream. He worked hard ever since he was a teenager: but he was happy to put all that behind him in favour of a set of clubs. Before the pandemic he would spend some of his winter months in Arizona were he would golf, and enjoy the warm weather. He spent time adventuring around the states taking in car shows, and doing a little antiquing. He always seemed to have a plan for fun.

At 68 years old John was taken from us suddenly. We don’t know for sure what happened; but he was found peacefully in his bed on December 26, 2022. It seems he passed away in his sleep in comfort. The family is grateful that he passed in a way that most people would hope for themselves; although far too soon. Even though John passed so young, he had a rich life full of accomplishments, and adventure. He loved to travel, camp, hunt, fish, and bask in the general outdoors, which he joyfully shared with his family. A lot of happy memories were simply sitting by a campfire enjoying the company of his loved ones.

John’s early years were spent in the Burnaby Edmonds area, where he spent time being a wild free youth. He would often regale his daughters of cautionary tails of wild parties, racing cars, fights, and the fun he had growing up in the lower mainland. He saw a lot of bands, including the Beatles only show in Vancouver, and Trooper at a house party in the burbs. Overall, he had a lot of fun in his early years, and he was always surrounded by family. After a while working the rails like his father, he set his sights north seeking fortune. He worked construction, and later found himself starting a scaffolding business. During this time, he met Martha, who would later be his wife, and the mother of his three children Niki, Sarah, and Kristy. To his family he was the embodiment of the family man. Every Christmas was a special event, and every birthday was cherished. He worked tirelessly to ensure everything was perfect, and memorable. His children truly wanted for nothing. 

Time passed, and John ended up selling his business, and taking a regional management position that relocated his family back to the lower mainland. It was the start of another adventure for his family that would result in many good opportunities for his children. Unfortunately, his marriage, and management position wouldn’t last; however, that didn’t stop him realizing his dreams of success. He started a new business that allowed him to employ his nephews: with whom he loved dearly. He was also able to find a new loving partner in Sharon, who was with him until his final days. He finely made it to retirement, and spent his time doing all the things he loved to do. He showed everyone in his life how to be joyful, and to stick to your guns. He worked incredibly hard and took risks to give his loved ones their dreams. He was everything a man should be. He was kind, caring, thoughtful, and a pillar of strength for those that were fortunate enough to know him. He will continue to be an inspiration to his daughters even on the darkest of days. Even now, just the thought of him brings a sense of calm in our uncertain times. He gave us the gift of courage, and the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to, and that will be with us for the rest of our lives.