Gerry passed away three days after his 64th birthday. He was born September 4, 1957 and was immediately adopted by his birth mother’s older sister Anne and her husband Gordon. Gerry always felt there was a piece of himself missing, having never known his birth mother, Lois Willis, who was murdered in California in 1964.

Gerry grew up and attended school in Surrey. Straight out of high school, he followed in his father’s footsteps and worked in a plywood mill, before embarking on a 39-year career as a CGA at NCJ (NCCG, KNV).

A fiercely loyal BC Lions fan and a proud season ticket holder since 1983, Gerry enjoyed attending all Lions home games for 38 years and devotedly cheered on his team through thick and thin.

Twice married and twice divorced, Gerry (in his own words) believed that he lacked the knack of co-habitation. His chosen family were the many unique and varied women he befriended at work throughout the years. It was through those long-term friendships that he became an honorary uncle to Anson, Amelia, Kyle and Graeme.

Gerry was a sarcastic person with a wry sense of humour, and he enjoyed saying things just to see the reaction of his listeners. Some thought his opinion rather twisted, but for those that could see past this he showed a caring, generous heart and possessed a kind and gentle soul. Gerry also had a great appreciation for his favourite beverage, Bacardi and Pepsi which led him to coin a favorite catchphrase, “Happy Bacardi” which he enjoyed using for any and all occasions.

With much love and fond memories, we say goodbye to our good friend Gerry and raise a glass to honour him.

“Close your eyes and remember everything good. Love you all.”