It is important to understand that there can be big differences between funeral providers. Here are five aspects to consider when choosing a funeral service provider.

1. Most funeral home service providers do their utmost to fulfill their clients’ needs and wishes. But find one that takes the time to really listen and understand your expectations.

“We take time to listen carefully to what people want and what they are looking for,” explains Ryan Crean, funeral director with Kearney Funeral Services and part of the fourth generation in his family to run the business. “And once we have that, we can make meaningful recommendations tailored to their wishes.”

2. Cremation services can have a wide variety of options to match your needs.

“With cremation, I don’t think a lot of people realize we can provide a whole range of services,” Crean says. “We can do private family visitation, followed by cremation. You can have a full funeral service with cremation to follow.

“If you’d prefer, there’s a memorial service only, a family internment, or a scattering of cremated remains.

“People can even have their remains launched into space now, interred at a cemetery, or made into diamonds. As long as it’s legal a good funeral provider will help you plan a disposition that is meaningful to you and your family

3. Whatever your religious denomination or personal beliefs, an experienced funeral home will be able to tailor your service to meet your faith requirements.

“Our expertise in handling all types of services can give a family a starting point to move forward from, for example, if it involves a set, religious ritual they may not be familiar with,” Crean explains. “We can help lead them through that process.”

4. Can celebrating a life during the Covid-19 pandemic can be done safely?

During the current COVID-19 restrictions limiting the size of public gatherings, Kearney Funeral Services can offer remote, live-streamed viewing of a service.

“We believe one of the most important aspects of a funeral is community participation and support. We’ve offered live streaming for some time, and today, it is just more prevalent,” Crean says. “We provide a remote link inside and outside of our building.”

5. Trust, communication, and transparency, in terms of laying out costs and fulfilling your wishes, are vital traits for a reputable funeral service provider.

“This makes a difficult situation much easier—you can go into the process of making arrangements with confidence, just as you would with a financial advisor or lawyer,” Crean says.

To learn more about Kearney Funeral Services and how one of their four locations across the region can help you, contact us today.