Details regarding service offerings and prices are important factors when weighing your options. Some considerations that may be important to determine include:

Do they own the facility where my loved one will be kept?

What services can they provide, and can they accommodate any changes in our wishes or needs?

Is this a reputable provider with a history of providing exceptional service to the community?

If it is important to you, are they locally owned and operated in your community?

Will they be there for me and my family when we need them?

To guide you in the decision-making process, Kearney Funeral Services has provided a list of the core questions that should be addressed when selecting a funeral provider that is right for you and your family.

How will I get good value through your funeral services?

Cost can be a sensitive subject when dealing with such an important event. It is important to understand that there are a wide range of costs across all possible funeral providers. Some providers keep costs low by operating out of a personal residence and contracting services to other providers, while others offer additional added services as part of their professional fees above and beyond what seem to be the same services.

Once you have established what you are looking for, do not be afraid to talk about costs. Reputable funeral providers will be open about discussing cost, and the services they can provide. They will work within your budget to ensure you receive exceptional value and care from the time you make first contact, to any requirements anytime in the future.

What kinds of services can you provide?

Ask the funeral provider to give you an overview of the various services and products they offer, from traditional casket viewings or celebration of life ceremonies, to any specific requests. Reputable providers will work with you to cater to your needs.

If you require full service offerings — including everything from obituary notices, the use of a chapel and a visitation room, a cemetery burial service followed by a reception, and officiant and catering services — you should take the time to find the provider that can fulfill all of your funeral wishes.

Can you accommodate my family’s personal beliefs into the funeral service?

To honour loved ones in a unique and personal way, you can and should be encouraged to customize the memorial or funeral service to make it a meaningful and healing experience for family, friends, and the community as a whole.

The funeral should be an opportunity to honour your family’s set of religious, cultural or unique values and requirements. From Catholic funeral masses to green burials, the right funeral provider should take care of the planning and executing all aspects of the ceremony so you can focus on the remembrance and celebration.

Are you and your staff readily available for support?

Funeral directors and team members that exhibit a willingness to offer support to their clients during every step of the funeral process, from pre-planning to post-arrangement and beyond, are providers you can count on.

Funeral providers that you can trust should be open to providing information, resources, and overall support to you throughout the entire grieving process. This support should be available 24 hours a day, when you and your family require it.

May I make an appointment to visit the funeral home?

Oftentimes, you need to experience something with your full senses before you know whether it is the right fit or not. A funeral provider is no different.

Make the time to visit the funeral home in person beforehand so you can get acquainted with the location, facility, and staff. Then, you can assess whether or not the whole package aligns with your funeral preferences.

This is also the time when you can meet with the funeral director and staff on their premises and decide if their levels of care, knowledge, experience, and professionalism matches what you are looking for in funeral providers.