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The Lamay or evening service is a traditional component of Filipino Funeral rites. Our beautiful facilities are perfect for bringing friends and family together for an evening  gathering in honour of your loved one

 We invite you to bring your own traditional food, and will accommodate your every need. You will be well cared for at Kearney`s.  

Kearney's has an array of different Lamay packages catering to your own personal needs. Whether your Lamay is a single evening with a Catholic Funeral Mass to follow, or several evenings in our Funeral Home. We have packages to accommodate your every need. 

If you require your loved one to be brought into our care from another country, or plan on sending them home following the service to be buried. Our funeral directors are experts on all aspects of the funeral planning process including international transfers. 

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At Kearney Funeral Services, we take pride in the level of service and care that we provide. No matter your need, we can help you at every step.

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