Once a death has occurred, you will need to meet with a funeral home to begin the final arrangements. Often this is a very hard time for family members and loved ones. Our staff will be here to guide you in making decisions and to help make this difficult time a little bit easier.

Who Will Go With You?

One decision that will need to be made when a death has occured is who will go with you to the funeral home. Do you have a list of people that are availble within the first 24 hours to make the final arrangements?

Who Will Make the Decisions?

Deciding on your loved ones final goodbye will be challenging but not impossible. The funeral home will help you in providing the answers to questions you may have. They will help you understand what is involved in planning a funeral and be there to support you in any way that you need. Something you will need to think about is who will be making the decisions? Will it be you? Will it be someone with you at the funeral home?

Who Else is Involved in the Arrangements?

Does the deceased have children, friends, family that would like to be a part of arranging the funeral? Do you know how the deceased felt about funerals or what their final wishes were? You and your loved ones know the deceased best and your funeral home will work with you to help in celebrating a life lived.

Do you have all the legal paperwork you’ll need?

When a death occurs, it is a legal matter that requires paperwork. To better prepare yourself for the arrangement at the funeral home, it may be helpful to gather documents needed. Below are a list of documents needed when a death has occurred:

    • Account Statements of the deceased
    • Life Insurance Policies
    • Beneficiary Designations
    • Deeds for Real Estate
    • Automobile and Boat Titles
    • Stock & Bond Certificates
    • Pre-nuptial Agreements
    • Post-nuptial Agreements
    • Loans
    • Leases
    • Copies of Bills (utility, cell phone etc.)
    • Last Will and Testament and any Codicils
    • Revocable Living Trust
    • Tax Returns

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