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At Kearney’s we offer a variety of burial options, customized to express your unique life. Traditionally, a burial is combined with a funeral service which includes a family or public viewing of the deceased. After the viewing, the family may always hold a funeral in one of our chapels, a chapel of your choice, or at the family’s home. This service is then followed by the underground burial of the casketed remain in a cemetery of your choice. Our Directors may help you obtain & arrange the service of your desire, casket & cemetery plot. Let us help.

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Casket Options

Depending on the type, style & material of the casket, the price can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. At Kearney’s we have a wide variety of caskets. Click on a casket type below to expand its varieties:

CasketHand crafted like fine furniture, each wooden casket has it’s own unique graining pattern. The natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in a variety of types and species. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe.

The classification “hardwood” simply means that the wood comes from a leaf-bearing tree. “Softwood” comes from the needle or cone-bearing trees. Therefore, designation as a hardwood is not determined solely by the consistency or surface hardness of the wood itself, but the species of the tree from which it came. Cost can vary depending on whether the sides of the casket are constructed from solid wood or a veneering process has been utilized.

Casket Aspen Pine
White satin interior
Fixed wood handle bar

125 Oak Veneer

Oak Veneer with walnut stain
White satin interior
Bronze metal handles


60 Ash

Ash with satin lacquer
White satin interior
Bronze metal handles

70 Oak

Oak with satin lacquer
Eggshell interior
Bronze metal handles


1062 Ash

Ash with Medium Stain
Eggshell Crepe Interior
Fixed Woodbar Handle

225 Wheat Maple

Select Hardwood with Maple Stain
Wheat Bumper Hardware

Casket Langara
Mahogany Stain, Crepe Interior
Fixed Wood Bars
Plain or Sau Corners, Satin or Gloss finish

Renaissance PC

Poplar with Birch Stain (semi flat finish)
Eggshell Crepe Interior

307 Ash

Polished Ash
Blue Interior


Chapel Oak

Oak Veneer, semi-flat finish
Last Supper Lugs
Interchangeable Pieta Corners
Velvet Interior

Octagon Oak

Solid Oak, Hand Polished
Eggshell Interior


Basilica PC

Poplar with Polished Birch Stain
Velvet Interior
Pieta Corners (Interchangeable)

Prescott Oak

Solid Oak, Polished
Honey Oak Stain
Velvet Interior


Morgan Cherry

Solid Cherry, Polished
Gold Trim
Velvet Interior

Ambassador Full Couch

Solid Polished Dark Mahogany
Velvet Interior
Brushed Copper Hardware


Executive Full Couch

Solid Polished Mahogany
Coffee Velvet Interior
Platinum Hardware

Dynasty PC

Solid Polished Medium Mahogany
Velvet Interior
Wood Handles


Northgate Rental

Solid Oak
3 x 1 Swingbar Handles
Rosetan Interior

For more information on our wooden caskets please contact us.

An economical choice for families, cloth covered are modestly priced as a result of the construction methods and materials used in their manufacturing process.

Builders do not have to concern themselves with precise joinery or solid wood products because the exterior is wrapped in a fabric cloth covering. The choice of modest quality materials is further used in interior fabric, bedding and pillow treatments in an effort to further reduce the cost.

30 Grey

Grey moleskin covering
White interior
Silver metal handles


30 Sandy

Taupe moleskin covering
White Interior
Silver metal handles

50 SilverSilver embossed oval topWhite interior
Metal swingbars

The majority of metal caskets available on the market today are known as “protective” caskets. This terminology reflects that they are manufactured with a one-piece rubber gasket that runs around the inner lid of the casket.

Once closed, a locking mechanism draws the lids onto the base and the gasket forms a seal. This protective seal protects the deceased from the entrance of air and other gravesite elements.

Many higher quality metal caskets utilize a sophisticated magnesium rust inhibitor process. Metal caskets are commonly manufactured in 20, 18 and 16 gauge metals. Interiors are tastefully coordinated in a variety of materials form crepe to velvet allowing for a range of pricing to meet a wide variety of budget concerns.

The discovery of Chromium in the mountains of Russia in the late 1700’s led to the development of the alloy we now know as Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is a rust resistant material and is available today in the manufacturing process of high quality stainless steel caskets.

Most stainless steel caskets features high quality velvet interiors and beautiful paint and brushed finishes.

Copper Caskets

Semi-Precious metal caskets are largely manufactured out of elements such as Solid Copper and Solid Bronze ranging form 32 oz to 48 oz grades. These caskets represent the finest of tributes available and are meticulous in their finish, design and quality interiors.

Contact us for information on semi-precious metal or copper caskets.

Families are increasingly requesting to rent a casket. To facilitate this request we offer a casket designed to allow for this service. The casket is a specially crafted unit that facilitates an inner simple container to hold the body. The casket itself acts as a “shell” around this container making it suitable for public visitation and viewing.

After the funeral service, the funeral director removes the inner container from the outer casket shell. The inner container holding the body is then transported to the place of final disposition, usually a crematorium.

The outer casket is reused for a number of services. Eventually the casket reaches a point of wear and it is destroyed. Because its usage is limited, the rental casket is replaced after a relatively small number of uses. However, due to the reusable nature of these units they can be also appreciated by families with environmental concerns.

For more information on casket rentals please contact us.

We are pleased to offer a large selection of Traditional Caskets and Containers designed to meet the needs of immediate cremation and burial requests. All wooden caskets and containers are suitable for services involving cremation as a means of final disposition.

All of our caskets and containers have been selected by us to provide a range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve.

If you are looking for a specific type of casket or manufacturer’s model please let us know and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

Burlington Cremation Casket

Paulownia wood and wood veneer
Honey stain
White satin interior and pillow

Tranquil Cremation Casket

Taupe felt covering
White interior
Handle on each end

Newport Cremation Casket

Navy felt covering
White interior
Handle on each end

McConnell Cremation Casket
Paulownia wood and wood-face plywoodMedium Stain
Crepe interior and pillow

Let us help you arrange the perfect service and right casket of your choice

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Graveside Service

We offer a variety of graveside services:

  • Securing a Release of Deceased & Transfer
  • Services of Licensed Funeral Directors & Staff
  • Administration, Documentation & Registration
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Vehicles & Equipment
  • Preparation Services

For more details on graveside services please contact us

Additional Services

Additional services available are (if not included in a package):

  • Embalming
  • Evening Visitation or Prayer Service
  • First Limousine
  • Additional Limousine (approximately 4 hours requirement)
  • Flower Van (required when more than 4 large pieces)
  • Chapel Rental and Facilities with Attendant
  • Reception: Coffee/Tea/Dishes/Server (Food additional charge)

For more information please contact us.